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Jan 3, 2014 1:00pm PST
are a sharp decline from previous congresses. we went back today and looked at john boehner's freshman year. that congress passed a whopping 610 bills into law. but boehner did remind us all in july that that is no way to judge his congress now. >> we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. we ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal. >> okay, then, mr. speaker. let's do that for a minute. even on that measure, it turns out this congress is a failure. even on its supposedly core pieces of conservative agenda items, many never got a vote. look, for example, at an attempt to repeal fuel economy standards. a failure. 101 house members cosigned a bill that would effectively terminate a huge chunk of the tax code. that was a failure. so even by the speaker's metric, the first year this congress was a failure. we are going to find out soon, as soon as tuesday, whether that will all change. joining us now to unpack it is robert costa, a cnbc political analyst and back with us here at the table, steve kornacki. robert, we are hearing talk about boehner's interests in a small immig
Jan 3, 2014 9:00am PST
's the politics, not the policy. when you're having the same conversation over and over again with john boehner and ted cruz, and the answer is no. there's only so much you can do. ironically, some of the ideas, investing in infrastructure used to be supported by republicans, but barack obama says it be with and we can't do that without an offset. part of the problem is, so much of this is about the politics of obstruction and the idea it would give obama a win. rather than just a pure messaging stand point, i don't understand why the republicans don't say let's all get credit. you can say we created jobs. >> what's frustrating, josh, is it does seem even an unemployment extension of three months becomes an exercise in futility. to the points, no one is tackling the longer term problem you have to get the economy to generate jobs. but at the same time, the economy is losing jobs, there are figures out showing that just one week of people losing these jobless benefits is going to cost $408 million, that's money they can't spend into the economy. ongoing damage is being done, and we're never gett
Jan 2, 2014 2:00pm PST
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Jan 3, 2014 2:00pm PST
're not there. house speaker, john boehner, said he might bring it up for a vote. if the cuts are made elsewhere. >> when the white house finally called me last friday, about extending unemployment benefits, i said that we would clearly consider it. as long as it's paid for, and as long as there are other efforts that will help get our economy moving once again. >> tell me, mr. boehner, was the shutdown paid for? no. you're wiping your hands of that one, right? democrats are taking a huge leap of faith trusting john boehner to go along with the senate bill. you know, i want to play out a scenario, if i may, tonight on this program. i would like to present myself to you viewers tonight as a long-term unemployed american. i'm in my 50s. i'm trying to to get back into the marketplace. i'm trying to get back into the economy. i have applied for jobs every day. with you just nothing seems to be breaking, because the economy is just still very much in a rut. now i've been in the work force for 25 years. i've paid all my taxes, i've played by the rules. you know, but you know what? my job was outsource
Dec 30, 2013 2:00pm PST
were called, if john boehner would actually call the bill, i think we might be able to extend those benefits. certainly in the senate we've got some bipartisan support, and i think in the house too. so really, if democracy were allowed to work and the majority were allowed to rule, i think we oh could actually do some good. but we've got john boehner seeming -- yet again to be in control of the tea party, and that faction. but, you know, we'll see. there's a hot of pressure being put on both houses now, to extend those benefits. >> well, you know, in john boehner's district, i was told by louise slaughter says there is a poll that says 63% of the people in boehner's district, they want to extend unemployment benefits to these americans who are now in a sense destitute and wondering what's going to happen to them. does the poll really matter? do the people matter here? i mean, the corporations have such a tremendous grab on the republican party. i mean, right now, from what i understand, from the democrats, is that you're hoping that public pressure back home on elected officials in
Jan 3, 2014 12:00pm EST
to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. we lain conroy: loving god, give you thanks for giving us another year. we give you thanks, also, for e first session of the 113th congress and your sustaining us with your presence, wisdom, patience and love. we ask that the efforts of the first session might prove fruitful and the benefits redowneding to our nation and its people. we ask as well your forgiveness for the smallness of actions on some occasions and the inability to work together when so many were adversely affected. we know that this is not what you wish for us, not what the american people wish for our nation and not what the members of this people's house have been elected for. we ask now your blessing on each member of congress that they might be their bestselves and representing not only their constituents but also the entire american citizenry. they have taken oaths to do so, give them the strength and the izz d
Jan 2, 2014 1:00pm PST
, but you saw the numbers in john boehner's house, not a lot of bills get passed. record-breaking lows last year. what will happen? >> well, i think the real critical factor in the house, ari, is going to be whether or not we come up with a way to come up with that $6 billion. whether it's through eliminating tax loopholes or finding revenue somewhere else. i think if we're able to do that, we'll get plenty of republican votes for a bill. i don't think speaker boehner will have any problem bringing it to the floor. >> you're talking about offsets, something the republicans have gotten really good at getting everyone to constantly feel they need an offset for relatively small numbers. what about going after carried interest, which is what makes hedge fund managers pay so much less in taxes than the secretaries? >> yeah, well, i think you'd find massive support among democrats and virtually no support among republicans. even eliminating the oil subsidy, that's $4 billion a year and that's something the oil companies say they don't need or want. there are plenty of opportunities to come up wit
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Dec 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
republican national committee chairman mike duncan about john boehn boehner's job security and by the way, how is the war on coal going? not as well as the president might like. Ñ@ç@çpçpçpç÷ñoxmhmhyhyhyhyhy > the internet is having a lot of fun with the president after the president holding this card, encouraging young people to get covered with obamacare, because quote, nobody should go broke ju because they get sick, end quote. it has been photo shopped dozen of times. it's a ubiquitou across the web. obamacare canceled the plan that you had and liked. and the national republican congressionacommittee, also, participing, creating a version with the president holding a card, reading hashtag don't worry. because i got a trillion coin to fix all this. the tea party is in an all-out war with house speaker john boehner, for whatever reason, he decided to start the feud, escalated it yesterday. saying some groups lost all credibility. teaart y favorites fired back. saying, boehner delivered what they call a smug rant. joining us now to talk about the not so civil war with the repu
Dec 29, 2013 7:30pm EST
. they auz always lose a lot of seats in the sixth term. >> what about john boehner? any threat to his leadership or is he winning more power by clamping down by going against anybody -- >> boehner has beaten back real challenges to his leadership. ha he's broken the tea party and no immediate apparent to him eric cantor is not going to usurp his leadership. boehner, why would you want the leadership given how difficult it is. >> there is a lot that think, wow. >> if he wants it, he's got it. >> your outlook for the economy. we've seen the fed say it will start tapering and that's giving confidence. they must be seeing something it really likes. >> they are ratifying what the markets have told you. they are up 30%, it means they see good things economically. the market is okay with a gentle well telegraphed taper. i do think we're on board with that. the risk is you get some kind of run of data that up-ends that idea. i think the market is showing a lot of optimism. they are really optimistic. it's almost begging for a scare. that scare could be you have a good run of economic data and
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Dec 30, 2013 10:00pm EST
not to work with their own leadership. is, do you think, ted crews prepared to work with speaker john boehner. maybe 2016 and a possible presidential bid. >> i think john boehner hit it on the head. he let the dogs out. there has been a lot of people waiting for someone to take the leadership, representing that tea party represented a small faction, when the tea party is behind candidates. john boehner needs to keep it up and show leadership on the compromised leadership. there's a lot who have fallen to the middle ground. they want to see both sides work together. he needs to be the leader, follow suit. the smaller factions, whether they are far left or right go away. >> crews was on this week, and defended the republican shutdown. there's a deal that's been reached that was a bipartisan deal. that came weeks after speaker john boehner lambasted the extreme party. can you close the rift within the republican party. let's tart with utah. ist you have to. the tea party right doesn't represent the nation as a whole. if we ran on a tea party right platform, they'd never win an election. they may
Jan 3, 2014 7:30pm PST
've talked to on the hill know they need to take a slightly different strategy. boehner and other leaders believe they were handed a second gift here after the government shutdown sort of a second shot at life and how republicans deal with the affordable care act is also very significant to what's going to happen. >> jeff is talking about democrats being uneasy with it. i still can't see democrats really seriously undercutting the president on this. can you? >> no, although there are any number of democrats who in those dark days in october and november kept saying can't we exempt some people, spare some people from the pain? it's hard to figure out. what do you do if you're the white house to make this picture better because so much of it right now is in the nitty-gritty of imply men station. and just about everybody in america who likes their new insurance plan is going to quickly be on the stage of the white house or somewhere else talking about how this is going to be a good thing for their life. >> four years after the enactment of this legislation and it's law, they're telling a sto
Jan 5, 2014 10:00am EST
boehner. a lot of republicans have decided to distance themselves. describe this bruising time? >> i do not think there have been that many republicans have distanced themselves spirit at the end of the day, if the shutdown was caused by the .resident as we are seeing the problems with obamacare, the fundamental flaws for america that he had and that he has turned into law, more and more people are looking at conservatism is something that is admirable. 72% people do not like the republican party. i am one of those. they need to find the soul and who they stand for. when most americans of that washington, they see a game and pretend food fights. they have the tax code written in their favor. are a small business person or somebody who just wants to go to work and go on to your family, you do not have a voice in washington. gains and scores go together. you're very much part of the process. you'ref republicans say stirring things up within the party. tough questions. we informed the constituents of the answers. what botha lot like of you too. we have opinions on legislation that go forwa
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Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm PST
romney, let's use it against boehner and company. >> well, the only game he knows. but as dan said, his credibility is hurt and i think he needs one or two wins under his belt. so i -- i think he is in for another troubling year. >> let's talk about congress. what can get done? >> i think there are two areas where he really has an opportunity if he wants to put aside a lot of the class warfare receipt rick and campaigning, i'm not betting on it. while he's vacationing in hawaii, his campaign organization was frantically sending out e-mails and trying to raise more money for the next, i'm sure, set of inequality gripes but i think he does have an opportunity in two areas. one is housing. the other is immigration. housing, this is a moment where there is, i think, an opportunity to get a bipartisan agreement that government and these mortgage monsters created, fannie mae and freddie mac, should withdraw from the mortgage market. it is a good time to do it. >> because the housing market has come back and house prices are rising glen the senate is ripe for a zeal if -- if he either stays ou
Dec 30, 2013 12:30am PST
in the senate and republicans in the house. >> what about john boehner? any threat to his leadership or is he winning more power by clamping down on anybody? >> i think boehner has beaten back any real challenges to his leadership. he's broken the tea party in this last budget deal and show them to have less of power. there's no immediate one apparent to him. eric cantor will not usurp him. if he wants it, he's got it. >> mike, your outlook for the economy next year. we've seen the fed say it's going to start tapering. people figure the fed is seeing something it likes. >> the market is up 30%. it means they see good things. it's okay with a gentle well telegraphed taper. the risk is you get some run of da thta that's up end. people in the market are really optimistic. it's almost begging for scare. that scare could be that you have a good run of economic data and people say the fed will have to go faster than we anticipated. it's 3% of the ten year treasury yield okay? can we deal with that or show some impatience of where rates are? it doesn't mean it's over. it gets a little bit more dicy
Al Jazeera America
Jan 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
? >> i do think it will happen. boehner has had enough with the far right. he recognizes, that for many months, the full faith and credit of the american economy is on the line. we won't have the drama we had last time. >> we'll talk about boehner in a bit, bad for republicans boy, because of the government shutdown, they improved because of obamacare. president obama those numbers are ugly. starting the year with the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. 55% disprove of his overall job performance. do you see him turning around those numbers in the new year? >> here's the thing antonio, it's hard to get much worse. i think of his perception with the launch of obamacare with the rollout are going to be -- it's hard for him to go lower than that barring some crisis that we can't foresee. but if we keep the context where it is right now at the beginning of december, john podesta came on board at the white house. i have a feeling we are going to see a big difference the way the white house messages. i see podesta taking charge of the way they spin this. and i think listen the presiden
Dec 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
they got bailed out was because of the health care website. this now frees up boehner to do something remarkable. make deals. maybe the congress and the house can start doing what they're supposed to be doing which is legislating instead of screaming at each other after they reopen the government. >> now, i was going to nominate harry reid as well because i think it was a long belated move for the senate democrats to finally take back the process of actually governing because it's almost as ccan tank rous. i'm going with health care. making the health care work is not the most important to president obama but also the country. they'll have to run on health care and need a model of it working. the fact kentucky has gotten it right both on expanding medicaid and the exchange itself, to the point people love connecticut. which is the kentucky version of obama care. i think if steve beshear can make it work, he becomes the model for democrats both to run on the policy and win on the policy. >> i agree on both kentucky and on harry reid. let's go next up to the political flop award. the wo
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Dec 31, 2013 10:00pm EST
very own website. and speaker boehner blasted conservative critics announced by senator murray and congressman paul ryan. joining us now is a member of the houston public and leadership. congressman bob good law, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. it's great to have you with us, mr. chairman. >> always great to be with you in your viewers. >> and that is a prsident who does not do entitlement reform, a sentiment and transcended that will not do entitlement reform. that is what the problem is here. we can't get them here without doing tax increases. and that includes the current spending for the rest of the year and unfortunately we don't have 218 votes to do that in the house. so the chairman is put in a difficult position because these shared these concerns and therefore i think that this deserves careful consideration by the house. lou: it looks like rlatively short cotton. it happens to be that in a return to regular rules and regular order. and if that is the result, that would be worth whatever the results were for conservatives or moderate republicans or whome
Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm PST
boehner no quiere ponerlo a votaciÓn congresista, y muchos hispanos ven que tiene la culpa de eso. >> bueno, la realidad es que sÍ tuvimos tremenda victoria en el senado, se pudo pasar un proyecto de ley bipartidista, lo escribieron de una manera bipartidista, lo presentaron de una manera bipartidista, lo presentaron de una manera bipartidista y pasÓ. >> en el senado. >> en el senado. >> pero luego en la cÁmara no lo quieren hacer los republicanos. >> como ese proyecto es de muchas pÁginas el presidente boehner ha dicho despuÉs del fracaso de obamacare no vamos a tener un proyecto de ley masivo aunque sea sobre educaciÓn hasta el programa de agricultura el farm bill tambiÉn se separÓ. >> pero no es una excusa, no es una excusa para no poner el tema a votaciÓn. >> Él quiere hacerlo pedazo a pedazo y esa es la esperanza nuestra, primero que hagan la seguridad en la frontera. yo Ée que muchos activistas dicen no se debe empezar por eso, pero es muy necesario. felicito a mi colega mario dÍaz balart que estÁ trabajando arduamente no ahora sino por aÑos en este pro
Jan 2, 2014 11:00am PST
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Jan 5, 2014 7:00am PST
? >> absolutely. speaker boehner is facing this huge challenge as the year begins. everybody's looking at the midterm elections. he has a tea party caucus, which wants to stand firm on a lot of these issues. and at the same time, he has moderates who are asked -- not really moderates, but more moderate than the tea party, who are asking for help on especially these bread and butter issues, like unemployment compensation, which can really hurt in the reddest of districts. and so i think there's this balancing act of a short-term extension, but also trying to figure out a long-term strategy, to balance these two factions. >> so you brought up boehner. and i'm wondering, is there any reason to think that over the holiday, boehner got better at his job? and all that i mean by that is in his ability to move that republican caucus towards being able to actually make policy. because what we know about the 113th is that for the most part what they do is nothing. it's not like you can with mad about what the policies there are. for the most part, there's no policies. >> there's an assumption in
Jan 2, 2014 10:05pm EST
will happen when congress returns. guest: what is going on is that speaker boehner -- basically, the senate has passed immigration bill. everyone is waiting for the house. the house has not done anything. they have not taken action on immigration. they have passed a few bills through committees earlier in the year. everyone is waiting on house. you have speaker boehner and republican leadership developing principles. this is what they want to see. they're proceeding with smaller bills. they will go out there and they might file that isabel. they will take it from there. they have done issues on border security and illegal immigration and how to bring in more workers. thing we have not seen from them in when everyone is waiting for is how they will handle 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the country. this would give them citizenship. apply for citizenship after 13 years. the house is more hesitant. we are saying a lot -- that's what we're seeing now. accessance between some and some who just want to legalize them. some do no one any legal status whatsoever. host: you brought up a
Dec 30, 2013 7:00am EST
programs medicare and social security. "usa today" also has the it's losers this year. boehner's -- let's hear what john has to say in pennsylvania. independent. good morning you. caller: good morning, paul. whoree with the person tweeted that the american people were the losers. every day that neither the democrats nor the republicans with just a few could give a darn about what the american people want. boehner says the american people all the time, but that's a small percentage. host: what do the american people want out of their leaders this coming year? caller: well, start with minimum wage. that's ridiculous. there's like an 85% favorable to get that up there. put a dent in this recession. thing would be background checks on guns. that., it's 85% to 90% on most people are in the pockets n.r.a. that's basically our main problem. the politicians are in the corporations, individuals, big money, and we're basically screwed. from that was john pennsylvania. diane is from arkansas, republican. who's the biggest political year?of this it caller: i'd say the whole united states, our count
Jan 4, 2014 12:00pm EST
of the republican party and john boehner over the same time from 2011 through 2013. we can see that significantly more tea party activists who rated the republican party and boehner below average in 2013 as compared with 2011. boehner's below-average ratings more than doubled to 57% in 2013 compared to 27% in 2011. in this slide we show a factor analysis of republican congressional leaders and candidates using the freedomworks data. this resulted in two factors. one was an establishment factor and the other was a tea party factor. those numbers that you see in parentheses are the net favorability ratings where the red dots represent a net negative rating and the green dots represent a net positive reading. you can see that we find the republican party along with republican congressional leaders such as boehner and cantor. in addition, most of these people in the upper left-hand corner have negative ratings. in the lower right-hand corner we found the tea party and the tea party candidates such as mike lee ted cruz who were low on the establishment factor and high in tea party factor. they had ver
Dec 31, 2013 3:00am PST
running ads still talking about repealing obamacare. >> when i hear what john boehner said late in the year, i can't help think maybe there's a little resurgence of a moderate republican voice in this country. there will be a backlash. more backlash. maybe tea party stays relevant for the primary season. but as you say all the time they want to win something. the only way to do that is come back towards the center. i think you might disagree. more productivity because they want something to show for it come november. >> if you were a republican that might be true. >> and all the people said amen. now, i understand what you're saying. >> all they want to talk about is repealing obamacare. they are putting their chips on that bet. that's how they will retake the senate and expand their majority in the house. that's all they are talking about as we head into the new year. i don't see how that will change. >> look what happened to john boehner. >> sam stein, you're on a nice break from school over the holidays. you've had a chance to think about this. >> yes. >> the republican party
Jan 6, 2014 2:00pm PST
unemployment insurance. only 34% say we don't care about them. john boehner is the key player in all of this. in his home district 63% thinks there should be an extension. is he representing the people's views? it's about time boehner started speaking to his own krae constituents. we have trains and planes and schedules disrupted. we have this thing called wind chill. 50 below this morning in detroit. i've never done the weather before. i kind of like this. here it is from north dakota all the way past chicago to detroit, we are below zero. we know these states don't have people who are losing their unemployment benefits. this is where it is cruel. no one can control the weather. not everybody can control their employment situation. not only can't we stop the wind from blowing, but we can't stop the republicans from being heartless and cruel. we need to be taking certainly some special measurements to help people who have been unemployed for a long time. it's not just extending the benefits another 90 days. it's dealing with an economic problem in this country that is income inequality. wher
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 10:00pm EST
-- >> do you think it will happen? >> i think it will happen. i think boehner has had enough with the far right and he recognize that his, you know, as we have talked about for many months, the full faith of the american credit is on the line. you raise the debt, there will be negotiation, but there won't be the drama we had the last time. >> we'll talk about the boehner and the far right in a bit. you were talking about numbers, bad for republican republicans e of the government shutdown they improved afterwards because of obama care. michael, president obama those numbers are ugly, he's starting the year with the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. the latest abc poll found 55% of americans disapprove of the job he's doing on the economy, 55% disapprove of his overall job performance. do you see him turning around those numbers in the new year? >> well, here is the thing, a antonio, it's hard for him to go -- to get much worse. i think that his perception right now, coming out of all the problems with obama character with the launch of obama care, with the roll out, it's hard for
Jan 5, 2014 8:00am PST
to deny those benefits. he wants a vote right now. and the house speaker john boehner says that he's open to it if the benefits are paid for, i know you have been opposed to it in the past, but if his conditions are met, can you support the extension? >> well, i think what's really call is to have an economy that doesn't have jobs in it, so we have to talk about what policy creates jobs. with regards to unemployment insurance, i'm not opposed to that, i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. i think it's wrong to borrow money from china. i'm not against having unemployment insurance. i do think, though, the longer you have it, it provides dis disencentive to work. there are many studies indicate this. we have to figure out to create jobs and keep people from becoming long-term unemployed. >> but are you saying now, that if this extension is paid for you could support it? >> well, what i have always said it needs to be paid more, but we also have to do something for long-term unemployed people. and that is, we need to create something new that creates job. what i would like to do, w
Jan 2, 2014 6:00am PST
want to start with you. >> yes. john boehner seems to be indicating he hired beck toe work for mccain on immigration stuff. is it possible, dare i say? >> it sounded the same note over these last months that he wants to see something done. he doesn't want a big bill. hiring rebecca talent and essentially telling the tea party to jump in a lake, that was also, i think, a good sign in terms of where he wants to be in 2014 in terms of immigration reform. >> bob costa on nia's point, the unbound john boehner at the end of last year, telling the tea party jump in a lake, paraphrasing, will that continue? >> i think john boehner wants to get something done on immigration. look for piecemeal bills and probably a republican version of the dream act. he doesn't have the politicala capital to pass more than that. >> john boehner, i know he's filed for reelection, but do you think he ultimately seeks reelection and does that impact how far he's willing to push among conservatives? >> i think he will seek reelection and until it's clear that he won't be speaker, he will run for the speakershi
Jan 2, 2014 8:00am PST
" article suggested immigration may be at the top of john boehner's to-do list in 2014. boehner hired rebecca talent, a longtime immigration adviser to senator john mccain who has committed to what he calls step by step moves to revise immigration laws and based ones this end of year rant against tea party groups supporters believe the signs are pointing to reform. what do you say to that and where does it fall on your agenda? are you in lockstep with john boehner if immigration is on the agenda for 2014? >> i think you have to start with first thing's first. when congress gets back the first thing it has to do is take the budget deal and actually makes it law, otherwise government can literally shut down on the 15th. i think we'll get that done, but it hasn't been accomplished yet. you have a farm bill that's going to be accomplished and i don't see much on the immigration front until the spring at the earliest. i think those other things have to get done first. >> do you think that that is the real logical dateline agenda in talking about immigration and the possibility of any type
Jan 6, 2014 11:00am PST
boehner signaled that he's opening to some immigration reforms. do you think that that is an authentic answer? the pressure was on john boehner before. when we think about the authenticity of that answer and action behind those words, is it more words just to buy people cover to get them through the mid terms? >> no. i think speaker boehner is at a point where he has taken the very conservative, tea party members of his caucus, taken to the edge and looked over just how bad that government shutdown was and they've been scolded. they've been scalded by that if you will. he's free to do -- he's in a much, much more powerful position than he was prior to the government shutdown. i certainly believe that. i think most democrats believe that. that being said, he wants to actually be the speaker for all 435 members and we have now seen him do time and time again where he is not doing the majority the majority relying on democrats to get things out of the house. one thing that's coming up, the spending bill that has to be done by january 15th. that's a key indicator. if he gets that and sends
Jan 6, 2014 12:00pm EST
to have. they feel like they are in the winner's seat here. ,ohn boehner has to figure out can you attach this to something else and can it be paid for? have to look at the farm bill provision, but how boehner can do that, that is the big question. >> it is not cheap. $6 billion is the price tag for sending it three months. it is about $25 billion if they extend these emergency benefits for the full year. there's talk about a trade-off with the farm bill, some subsidies being cut. they be that could be the pay forward here. will insist they gets paid for in some way or fashion. >> there is still the whole we cannot agree with anything mindset going on in capitol hill. they arehe democrats, not sounding friendly towards their colleagues across the aisle. wentpublicans in congress home and let the lifeline expire. >> we are fighting against people who are antigovernment. >> wire my afraid? a couple months ago two thirds house of representatives voted to keep the government closed and default on the debt. day of thee first new session the republican party will not support unemployment benefi
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
boehner has to figure out, can you attach this to something else and can it be paid for? have to look at the farm bill provision, but how boehner can do that, that is the big question. >> it is not cheap. $6 billion is the price tag for extending it three months. it is about $25 billion if they extend these emergency benefits for the full year. there's talk about a trade-off with the farm bill, some subsidies being cut. they be that could be the pay forward here. republicans will insist they gets paid for in some way or fashion. >> there is still the whole we cannot agree with anything mindset going on in capitol hill. some of the democrats, they are not sounding friendly towards their colleagues across the aisle. >> republicans in congress went home and let the lifeline expire. >> we are fighting against people who are antigovernment. >> why am i afraid? a couple months ago two thirds of the house of representatives voted to keep the government closed and default on the debt. >> if on the first day of the new session the republican party will not support unemployment benefit extensio
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Dec 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
and performance and payment of contractors speaker boehner blasted theco budget deal announced by senator murray and joiningr is now a member of the leadership of the chairmanood of that house judiciaryl committee and it is great to have you with usthe. >> do you support of the new deal? right now about $80 billion? so sat have expressed about what needs to be done but we really need to place of blame on the president who will not do reid entitlementre reform and a senate that will not do an entitlement reform we cannot get them to wi you do it without tax increases and fate of the masked the problems with out of control spending. i would prefer to have the vote to extend the current levels for the rest of thet of year and many conservativeye groups would as well butt unfortunately we don't haveve to hundred 18 votes son is in a difficult position as he has to come up with something t it is a very small step as a way to see we start the process with so little bit of entitlement reform to cut more than we have with usth sequestration area and this she deserves careful consideration by day house.
Jan 2, 2014 5:00am PST
license. >>> there are signs however, house speaker john boehner said there may be limited changes in the coming months. they recently hired an adviser to john mccain who has long backed immigration reform and they say the hiring as well as comments by house speaker john boehner have an influence on the republican party and indicate he is serious about making changes to the immigration system. >>> they are expected to vote on two of its biggest unions and this comes after an agreement was reached on family leave provision and they mistakenly ended the contract. bart's board of director is leaving oakland this morning. >>> trapped passengers have been stuck in the ice for ten days and they are finally being rescued. >> they are taking a helicopter home. >> that video was posted hours ago, 52 passengers, scientists and tourists are now safely on board an ice breaker. they were ferried on a helicopter from a chinese ship. >>> and a strong winter storm is bearing down on the midwest and more than 1,000 flights have been canceled. new york city may get 10 inches of snow and boston has a
Dec 31, 2013 2:00pm PST
, was john boehner standing up as you remember, you were there, and denouncing some of the right-leaning outside groups that have been pressuring members to vote certain ways to bring down bills, to bring down compromise bills that a lot of people even in the party had been supporting. i think that could presage a different era. at the same time, we saw over at the senate, the right-leaning senators, particularly those up for re-election, really pushing back against for example, the budget deal. i think that will be the interesting dynamic to watch. >> i think the budget deal allows them a little bit of space to do some things that there is bipartisan agreement. if you look at sexual assault in the military, gillibrand was able to put together a very bipartisan group. claire mccaskill was able to put together her own on immigration, there's a potential for that. there are a number of issues, drones, things like that, where there are possibilities for this. getting these big budget issues out of the way i think does -- >> this is such an optimistic group. ryan? debbie downer. here
Dec 31, 2013 7:00am EST
, but he 13. -- december 31, 2013. tweet from house speaker john boehner and what he had to say about the affordable care act. the speaker saying you can see the different tweets and the new debates that will be happening in 2014 as we close out onto 13 here on the "washington journal." susan in sarasota florida, an independent caller. susan, what do you think? what is the top story of the year? regardless of what story receive the most income i think that snowden's disclosure should be the top story of the year. i think that the health care act has its quirks and it has its problems, but it is an effort to improve the country and the country's health care system. but the nsa surveillance and what it means to all americans is overwhelming. i don't know how they will ever get a hold of it. it is like there is an underground government that has been operating without any oversight and we have seen the tip of the iceberg and i don't know how we can take care goal iceberg. that is the top different perspective on our society story of the year as far as i am concerned. susan fromthat is sa
Jan 1, 2014 7:00am EST
, the headline said, tea party faces 2014 challenge. in its story it says speaker john boehner who repeatedly ripped into outside conservative groups over attacks of the government shutdown fight. how does what happened last year, especially this tactic he took affect what goes on? guest: there's a fascinating dynamic with the speaker. he has two different audiences he needs to please. audience is the conservative house of representatives, last year conservatives nationally took a beating during that shutdown. it helps cement support in his own caucus. they are happy for his leadership. they are happy he was down in the trenches fighting with them. he won some loyalty going into 2014. he's hoping his troops will stick with him. in the last few years, they haven't been there for him. after that big fight, he's built up conservative conference who were worry of him. you saw in december, he blasted outside conservative groups. he's willing to spend that political capital and say i got power now. host: your colleague albert a, said john boehner had the best year in washington. guest: within hi
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